2019 National Policy Dialogue

Starting on: 2019-09-25
Ending on: 2019-09-26
Moderator: Dr. Joram Kagombe

Regional Director KEFRI.

Venue: Golf Hotel; Kakamega
Max Credits: 5.00


Mr. Julius Kamau
Chief Conservator of Forests Kenya Forest Service

Prof. Fredrick Owino

Dr. Joshua Cheboiwo
Director Kenya Forestry Research Institute

Prof. Gilbert Obwoyere


Kenya aspires to be a middle-income country, providing a high-quality life for its citizens in a secure and healthy environment as detailed in Vision 2030 development blueprint. Furthermore, article 69 of the Kenya Constitution aims at strengthening natural resources management by ensuring sustainable exploitation, utilisation, conservation and equitable sharing of the accruing benefits, through achieving and maintaining a tree cover of at least ten per cent of the country’s land area. As part of the policy and legislative reforms since the promulgation of the Constitution 2010, new governance frameworks for the management of forest resources have been established through the enactment of the Forest Conservation and Management Act 2016 (FCM Act). Section 9 and 59 of the FCM Act provides that Forestry Society of Kenya (FSK) contributes effectively towards sustainable management of forest resources in Kenya through the provision of technical and policy guidance to Kenya Forest Service board and the Cabinet Secretary responsible for forestry. The policy and legislative paradigm shifts have seen the integration of forestry into domestic and international processes due to its integral role in providing multiple benefits. For instance, Kenya committed to restoring 5.1 million hectares of degraded lands through tree-based restoration as part of the Africa Landscape Restoration Initiative (AFR100) and Bonn Challenge. Recently, Kenya signed the Nairobi Call for Action on the Conservation and Preservation of Forests in Africa at the One Planet Summit. Besides, the interplay between forests and climate change has continued to dominate local and international debates and discussion. Under the Paris agreement, Kenya commits to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 30% by 2030 relative to the business as usual scenario of 143 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (MtCO2e) as part of its National Determined Contribution (NDC), with the highest contribution being expected from the forest sector. The Society’s role in shaping and informing policy discourse within the country as contained in FCM Act 2016, FSK constitution and its strategic plan 2017-2021, requires periodic dialogues and discussions from and within its membership and the wider forest sector stakeholders. Deriving lessons from the dynamics within the forest sector over the last few years and the recent national dialogue on the ‘Forests we want’, the Society seeks to provide an opportunity for a robust dialogue themed ‘Future of the forest sector; Inspiring innovations and sustainable investment’ to be held in Kakamega County from 25th to 27th September 2019 This year’s forest policy dialogue aims at strengthening the political goodwill, catalysing action and mobilizing financial resources to promote forest product development and innovative technologies that ensure sustainable forest investment. In addition, the forum seeks to create an opportunity for close linkages amongst stakeholders through integrated approaches and effective partnerships. http://fsk.or.ke/2019/08/2019-national-policy-dialogue-conference/ 


The dialogue will focus on assessing and monitoring the progress within the forest sector, considering the future actions towards the achievement of both domestic and international policy commitments. The dialogue will also address the emerging challenges and opportunities for incentivizing forest investment, research, forest products development and enterprises.   The expected outcome of the dialogue will include: Policy and legislative recommendations for effective and sustainable forest resource management. Enhanced understanding of what is required to achieve domestic and international policy commitments. Action plan for incentivising innovations, education research and investments in forestry, product development, and enterprises.  

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