About CPD

  1. Introduction

Forestry Society of Kenya (FSK) is a non-governmental professional membership organization of Kenyan Foresters. FSK strives for continuing professional development and actively assists and encourages its members to advance the forestry knowledge and experience as set out in these CPD requirements. This will assist members to maintain and develop relevant skills and knowledge that will ensure they deliver effectively as professionals and continue to remain relevant. It is however the responsibility of individual member to maintain their professional development. This document is intended to guide you on how to attain the required CPD points

  1. Continuing Professional Development

This is the systematic maintenance, improvement and broadening of knowledge and skills, and the development of personal qualities (through training, and working experience) necessary for execution of professional duties throughout professional forester’s working life 

  1. The need for CPD

A professional forester has a continuing duty to maintain professional knowledge and skills at the level required to ensure that a client or employer receives the advantage of competent professional service based on current developments in practice, legislation and techniques. A professional forester should act diligently and in accordance with applicable professional standards in all professional and business relationships.

The overall aim of CPD is therefore to develop and enhance the value of the individual as a professional. This approach, which is new in FSK, is supposed to promote the importance of development and professionalism by focusing on the standards expected of members and ongoing commitment to professional judgment based on ethics.

The FSK scheme is applicable to all members and requires you as a member to:

  • Reflect and consider what is required  of you in your role as a professional forester
  • Take action to undertake activities that will enable you to meet these expectations
  • Consider the impact  of  the activities you  have undertaken  and  whether they meet the needs identified
  • Confirm and submit an annual declaration that you have met the expectations

The CPD requirement is not only a key component of a members’ “good standing” status but is also important for the promotion of competence and integrity in the profession and for the individual member’s personal development 


  1. Who undertakes CPD

Undertaking of CPD is compulsory for all FSK members

  1. Purposes of CPD
  • CPD is concerned with maintaining necessary knowledge, skills and professional ethics expected of one as a professional and keeping one up-to-date with developments within the professions.
  • CPD improves and broadens knowledge and skills intended to support professional development.
  • CPD develops personal qualities necessary to execute professional and technical duties. 

Download CPD Guidelines 



DATE: 17th – 19th September 2014

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